Project 2020-2021


Kenya continues to have high mortality due to water borne disease in children under 5 years, especially in rural areas. It has high levels of unemployment and a significant number of people live in poverty. As with many other countries, the global Covid 19 pandemic has had an extremely detrimental effect on the country and its people.  Within the limitations of the pandemic the projects funded by Maji Salama continued to operate and one new project commenced.

Maji Salama continues to work in Kenya through its NGO partner, Maji Zima, to implement projects.  By early 2020 gravity fed water filters had been installed at 5 locations serving local schools, communities and clinics and were all performing well.

The plan for 2020 was to start further projects in four schools but, as the Covid 19 infection rate led to lockdown and the closure of schools for an extended period, the charity was unable to undertake most of the filter installations.

Although schools were closed and the filters installed in 2019 were not being used, two projects continued to run – at Africa Inland Church Community Diguna and the Beacon of Hope Clinic. The filters operated without any problems.

Prior to the pandemic the filters had benefited around 3,000 people daily. During the pandemic this fell to 800.

The one project that was completed, in June 2020, at Naromoru Primary School, had the aim of not only benefitting the 1500 pupils and 38 staff, but also the local community. The plan was and is for the school to generate some income by selling clean water to local people at an affordable price. It has done this during the pandemic.

Throughout the pandemic our partner in Kenya, Maji Zima, continued to pursue suitable projects for the future. As a result of negotiations we have agreed to fund installations at four primary schools, a hospital and a children’s home in late 2021.