Project 2015

Report of activities during 2015

The water source for the village at Bondo

School pupils using the Community Filter

Community Filter received after training

Pupils collecting water for school use at Magina School Homabay

Pupils carrying water back to Magina School

Presentation of Community Filter to Head Teacher and pupils, Magina School

Training for pupils at Saina School, Homabay

Throughout September 2015, we gave 3,500 children in 10 primary schools access to safe drinking water.

"Green water" at Kilifi and clean water after filtering

During this period we - 

  • Continued our close collaboration with The Safe Water Trust, now renamed Grifaid®, for provision of Grifaid® Family and Community Aquafilters, and provided feedback on technical issues in the field. This has led to an improved Family model for manufacture in 2016.


  • Developed the work of Maji Zima, our not for profit organisation in Kenya. Maji Zima employed a Kenyan General Manager to develop further projects and explore avenues for local funding.

  • Exported 1 pallet of Grifaid® Family and Community filters and parts to Kenya in September 2014 and 2 pallets in May 2015. Total shipments amounted to 270 Family and  22 Community filters, plus parts.


  • Through Maji Zima, submitted funding applications to County Councils and charitable foundations in Kenya to finance expansion of its work. To date these applications have been unsuccessful.

  • Completed pilot projects at Mbita, Lake Victoria, and Kiambiu slum, Nairobi, but with continuing monitoring of filter use through local partnerships. Continued to provide support, in terms of repair and maintenance as required, plus training in such work to the local community.

  • Completed health education training in Mbita and maintained good links with schools and clinics there.

  • Expansion of the programme by training and distribution of the Grifaid® Aquafilters in other areas (Kware village, Bondo, Siaya County; Arude village, Siaya County; Oyama and Ndeda Islands, Lake Victoria).

  • In Kasgunga village, supported a project commenced by Development Direct in 2010, by providing repair and maintenance, and replacement where necessary.  Donated 48 Family Aquafilters and 6 Community to that community.


  • During a severe cholera outbreak in Homabay, provided a Grifaid® Community Aquafilter, and training on its use, to Magina Girls School, where 51 of the 800 pupils had been hospitalised due to the cholera epidemic.

  • In April 2015, provided 2 days training to the Enkereri group, from Narok, Mara County, and supplied them with 5 Grifaid® Family Aquafilters and 3 Community. Also provided training to representatives of a women’s co-operative, the Kawethei Muthwani group from Machakos County. However with this group there were difficulties with language and literacy.

  • Devised a programme of project support at local level through WETS (Water Education Teams) to ensure the project is sustainable.

  • Produced a film showing the work of Maji Zima in Mbita and Kiambiu to be used as an education and fundraising tool.

  • We initiated partnership talks with Kenyatta University to involve its Engineering, Sociology and Community Development students in implementing the Maji Salama Kijijini project as an internship opportunity.

  • In Kilifi county Maji Zima did 4 demonstrations to members of the  East Africa Womens’ League, and met with public health officers at Gede and Malindi clinics The officers went with the Maji Zima representatives to 2 villages to demonstrate the filters. The communities depend on unprotected wells, polluted rivers and pans. People consume ‘green’ water, so there is a serious need for filters.