About Us

  • Providing safe drinking water to families and communities. 

  • Clean water is an investment in Kenya's future. Improved health means a more productive workforce and greater achievement.

Our Mission

Our representative in Kenya has personal experience of losing a friend to typhoid, a death that could have been prevented if a water filter device had been readily available. So many deaths in Africa are preventable. Maji Salama's gravity-fed community filter provides a simple, cost effective solution for communities that do not have access to clean water. By linking with partners in Kenya we build on their experience, teaching people how to assemble the filters, disseminating them to people in need, and training people in their use and maintenance.


Clean water not only saves lives, but it can change lives, by changing the way people live and what they can do – grow crops, keep animals and feel secure that their clothes and household utensils are clean.


Through our work we can improve the living standards of people who are most in need by providing consistent access to clean water.

Our Aims

We strongly believe in the importance of education and training; the protection and preservation of health and the relief of poverty, sickness and distress across developing countries and this is fundamental to the values of our organisation.


We aim to:

  • Develop the capacity and skills of members of economically disadvantaged communities in Kenya by providing employment opportunities connected with the development, assembly, distribution and maintenance of water filters producing drinkable water from contaminated sources.

  • Promote good health and prevent sickness through the development and distribution of the water filters to poor communities in Africa where communities do not have access to clean water.


  • Improve knowledge about water borne diseases and health amongst poor communities in Africa by training people in those communities in the use of water filters.

Our Team